Not fired up about your career, feeling like there is something missing? Join Stacie Speaker, host of Reignite Your Light, and Founder of Stacie Speaker Coaching as she and her guests share their stories and journeys on how they overcame challenges, frustrations, transitions and the stress we all face on our career path. You will get inspiration, information and tools to help breakthrough your worries about being an effective leader, discover the root causes of every day stress, and learn how to reignite your passion so you can take life-changing action to love again what you do, do it better or maybe, just maybe find the courage to change it, so you create a life that excites you.

This is the show for you if you are interested in career development, motivation, leadership, teamwork, self-development, inspiration, finding the courage, want to see opportunities instead of problems and how to use your own energy for transformation.

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Latest Episodes

Knock On with Megan Sullivan

Megan tells Stacie about her transition into building her business, and what made her decide to go in that direction as opposed to a traditional job.

She talks about how we rationalize our situations and tend to oversimplify things, as well as how the corporate environment differs from working independently.

Megan recalls a speech made to the senate, and how it impacted her so deeply, that it helped her shift her focus and create the framework for her career.

She talks about authenticity, and the role it plays in creating connection with other people, as well as how it can be helpful in the workplace.

Death, Doctors and True Healing with Barbera Ammahlia Chaefer-Berdner

Barbera talks about a recent struggle she experienced and flashed back to a time when she was on top of the world in her corporate job. She explains how unhappy she was at that time, and what she found out about herself after she left her her job.

She continues to tell Stacie that she didn’t change the way she lived, and as a result ended up knocked unconscious and died for a very short time. From this, she learned to listen to what her body and mind were trying to tell her all along.

Barbera talks about an amazing healing she experienced, and how it gave her a touch stone of what being healthy felt like. She also described the way it impacted her life and health after that.

She shares a few tips, ideas, insights and tricks that people can and should follow to take the compleity and stress out of their lives.

Trusting Your Gut with Christine Clifton

Christine shares her views about conversation, the human brain, and technology. She talks about connection, and why it’s important for people to have contact with each other.

She tells listeners about a time in her life when she had a health complication that doctors couldn’t seem to solve. She explains the experience, how she felt, and what she was able to do about it.

Christine describes the journey she went through, and how it took shopping around and finding the right doctor with the correct perspectives to help her overcome the situation.

She also tells Stacie about how she teaches business owners a lot of the tools they need to navigate their industries.

Finally, Christine stresses the importance of self care, having a good support system and focusing on the next step.

Rikk Hansen

Reinvention with Rikk Hansen

Rikk shares a time in his life when his health and career both came under heavy changes. He also talks about how he was feeling during that time, and how he navigated his way into a better situation.

He talks about how he had to learn to live in the moment in order to keep things manageable, he also explains the circumstance he was under to learn that.

Rikk also describes the second turning point in his life, where he realized how important support is, and how that realization came full circle and began to flow into creative action.

He discusses the various levels and the new fears that come with each. He also talks about tuning into natural gifts and abilities, as well as the creative process.

Rest, Leisure and Play with Wendi Gilbert

Wendi shares a story about a time in her lief when her career ran her to exhaustion, and she felt defeated, and tells listeners about the path she took to come back from it.

She gives listeners a few tips and tricks to rest and heal without having to spend 18 days in complete isolation.

Wendi talks about her 3 mentors, how she used their lessons and her involvement with Make a Difference Day and Random Acts of Kindness to create a life she genuinely loves.

Wendi shares a ton of wisdom to close out the episode, leaving us on an inspiring, entertaining and educational note.
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Pure Ambition with Kym Cadle

Kym tells Stacie about her previous career, how much she enjoyed it, and the things that occurred to get her to a point where she wanted to leave and pursue something more suited to her.

She talks about the various roles she played in that company, and the eventual shift into social responsibility work that lit a fire inside her and became her driving force. She also explains how that became the foundation of her coaching practice.

Kym discusses the importance of happy employees, and how a lot of companies are failing to take care of their workers, and as a result are seeing massive losses.

She also stresses the importance of presence, connection and purpose, as well as the roles they play in our interactions and ultimately: our goals.;
twitter: @pureambition

It’s In Your Nature with Jed Hansen

Jed shares a time in his life when everything seemed to turn sour and things weren’t progressing in a way that felt right. He also talks about coming to understand his nature and potential, and the effect that understanding had on his life.

He explains how he uses his realizations, knowledge and perspective to guide youth into finding their own place in the world.

Jed talks about principles and how they effect us as individuals on a core level. He also explains the power of being an individual within the various communities you belong to, and how holding onto your core identity is so valuable.

He discusses relationships, and how knowing your nature can play a large part is the success of relationship your form.

Stacie asks about his Aerospace degree, and how that plays into his much bigger message and purpose within the world. He also talks about the college experience, and what it can be if you allow it to be.

20 Seconds of Courage with Luke Iorio

Luke talks about a time in his career when a decision he helped make caused problems within his company, and what he learned about himself, his values and the company during that time period.

He describes his current role as president of IPEC, and how it differs from his former role as CEO. He talks about his love of art, and how his current job is more aligned with his personality. He also praises entrepreneurship, and the versatility if offers as a career option.

Trickle Down Happiness with Paul Gilbride

Paul shares a behind the curtain look at the last 4 years of his life, including some of the most trying times and obstacles he’s had to navigate.

He talks about having a support system, being able to reach out and ask for help, and the impact that can have on a person’s perspective.

Paul gives an insight to working with Dad’s and coaching in general. He shares how he found it, and why it’s been powerful for him.

He gives a small peek into his mentality as a parent. Paul also leaves off with some insights about taking action.

Krystal Holm

Design Your Life with Krystal Holm

Krystal shares a challenge that she faced in life before ultimately merging her 2 areas of expertise and joy to create a business for herself that she truly loves.

She explains what she means by our “internal environment” and talks a little about how your external environment reflects what’s happening internally.

Krystal gives some tips to both women, and couples on how to create a sanctuary within your home, that you can relax and truly feel good in.

She also touches on the importance of de-cluttering your space, and continuing to be honest about your tastes, style and feelings.


Sales and Strategy with Kelli Sample

Kelli shares one of her challenges in getting her business started.
She discusses the circumstances under which she left her job, and struck out on her own in business.

Kelli talks a bit about the sales process, and explains how she helps people refine it into something that works for them as an individual.

She explains the difference between sales and marketing, as well as why it’s crucial to understand the difference, but develop both.

She leaves a final nugget of wisdom with listeners before the end of the interview.

Stacie Speaker Coaching Session with Wynne Lacey

Wynne describes her business, and explains a leadership struggle she started facing after a burnout in 2012

She tells Stacie what leadership means to her, and shares a little bit about what types of things she focuses on within leadership. Stacie asks Wynne how she’s planning to implement some changes in her leadership role. She also talks to Stacie about some of the tools she uses with her employees.

Stacie asks Wynne about the source of her burnout. They also discuss Wynne’s desired area of focus, and how that could make a difference to her overall business model.

Lynne describes her ideal relationship with her staff, and how managing her own emotions can help to create that environment for her and her staff.

Stacie and Wynne tune in one what needs to be done next, and discuss what needs to be implemented in order for Wynne to reach her leadership goals within her business.

Authentic Acceptance with Charles Gosset

Charles shares a challenge he was faced with in his life. He shares his struggle with disconnect, and the road it eventually lead him down, and how he was able to overcome it.

He explains how he found alcohol, how he tried to take his own life, and what had to happen in order for him to turn it around for himself. After combating and overcoming alcoholism, Charles explains where teaching and coaching fit into his life.

He talks about Acceptance, Joy and Gratitude, and where they fit into the grand scope of his life.

Charles gives some insights for anyone who is facing a large decision.

Confidently Vulnerable with Laurel House

Laurel shares her story and how she navigated her tricky circumstance, she also touches on her long term of being self employed.
She talks about the changes that had to occur during motherhood in order to be successful in both aspects: motherhood and business.
Laurel discusses dating, and the challenges surrounding it. She also talks about mindset, and being true. She talks about balance, and how it can be difficult to find when working on projects, dating and parenting.

Laurel shares some self care ideas and talks about the importance of defining your own


The College Conundrum with Stacie Speaker

On this episode of Reignite Your Light, host Stacie Speaker flies solo and shares a story about her college experience. She gives a look inside her thought process, her ideals at the time, and her experience during the roller-coaster that became her formal education experience.

Stacie goes on to discuss how she stumbled over a degree she enjoyed getting, and her perspective now, as well as what she learned from the entire situation.

Tune in and get to know Stacie on a deeper level!

Exploring Numerology with Wynne Lacey and Tom Kress

Wynne explains a little about Numerology, how she see’s it, and the process behind it.
She talks about Spiritual Logic and how each piece, the numerology and the coaching, fit together to create a positive experience for the person having their chart read.

Wynne begins by taking Tom’s name and giving the significance of it. Tom relates to her and tells her if she’s on track or not. Tom elaborates on a bit of his story and relates it back to some of the things Wynne talked about.

Infertility and Emotion with Renee Waggener

Renee talks about infertility, mindset, and how she overcame her challenge of not being able to get pregnant. She describes her support system and brings up the importance of finding a team member.
She talks about listening, giving advice, and shares a story about an interaction she had with a woman about infertility.

Stacie and Renee discuss emotions, and the importance behind feeling the necessary emotion, and the impact of conversation.
Renee talks about how her experiences, sense of humor and ridiculous good looks have helped her turn her challenge into a positive experience in business.

Cranky and Present with Sharon Rosen

Sharon shares a time in her life where things weren’t so wonderful. She talks about living in New York State, having a business in New Jersey, and caring for her mother who was ill. She also shares how she managed to work through it, and where she is as a result.

She shares how she was feeling during the time, and the little things she was able to do to ease her process and cope with the pressures and stress of her situation.

Stacie and Sharon talk about pleasure, and being present in pleasurable moments without any guilt attached.

They discuss how important it is to fully be who you are, even if it’s cranky, and Sharon talks about the Cranky Woman’s Guide to Enlightenment.

Sharon discusses alignment, what it means, and how we can tell if we are out of alignment.

Stacie and Sharon discuss why it’s so vital to properly deal with your emotions and allow them to full run their course in order to be clear for yourself and the people around you.

Sharon imparts a little bit of wisdom for someone who is staring down a big choice in their life.

Intuition and the Unknown with Brooke Giguere

Brooke tells Stacie about a challenge she faced, how she came through it, and the moment she decided things needed to change in order for her to be happy and successful.
She explains how she used a logical versus heart-centered approach to looking at things, and made her next moves based on how she felt.
Brooke talks about intuition, learning to trust herself, and the sign that life kept putting in her path to remind her that things would be okay.
She shares her daily ritual for keeping herself on track and grounded.
Brooke gives listeners a little bit of insight and wisdom from her journey into the unknown.

Deborah Degner

Development Through Divorce with Deborah Degner

Deborah talks about her divorce. She shares the challenges she faced and how she managed her way through it. She talks about the importance of having a group of people that you can trust and rely on.
Deborah also talks about how thoughts effect emotions, and how it’s necessary to find a way to balance the two. She talks about the value in moving forward and getting out there.
Deb also discusses following her passion and the risk that was involved.

The Joy Evangelist with Alison Deutsch

Alison tells Stacie about her world view and life before becoming the Joy Evangelist, and the big move that ultimately lead to a shift in her thinking.
She shares her view on how a slight change in her inner dialogue shifted her entire outlook, and how the moves she made ultimately lead to more opportunity.
She talks about important conversations we should be having with ourselves, and the value she gained in her life by asking herself the tough questions.
Alison explains what she means by a Joy Evangelist, and that it doesn’t mean that she’s happy at all times. She shares some insights, questions and tips to help people improve their quality of life.

A Love Based Community with Heather Parks

In this podcast, Stacie talks to Heather Parks, the founder of “A Purposeful Soul”. Heather describes one of the main challenges in her life of working in a stressful, corporate environment with a toxic leader. She talks about pinpointing the moment that created a spiral effect of chasing a feeling, which in turn lead her to that stressful, corporate life. She touches on having had to asses what makes her happy and what her own values were, not what she was taught growing up. She explains the importance of deciding who deserves to stay in your life, and eliminating those who trigger you. Heather elaborates on the community she’s building, the inspiration behind it, and explains the work she does with other women in corporate, and how her story allows her to relate to and understand theirs.

Unexpected Blessings with Henry Schoenfield

In this podcast Stacie interviews Henry Schoenfield, a life, relationship, and spiritual coach. They jump right in and discuss Henry’s challenge/change that took his life in its new direction. Henry explains his training where he discovered victim energy, defines what victim energy is, and how he was able to relate it to himself. He elaborates on how the challenges were blessings in disguise and what made him leap and take the risk despite all the uncertainties. He talks about what a life, relationship, and spiritual coach does and about growth and transition. Henry opens up about how he stays motivated, happy, and continuing to move forward in his own life, and ends with how his personal relationships have changed and progressed since changing his own path.

Strip Down and Wake Up with Anastasia Netri

In this podcast Stacie speaks to Anastasia Netri, a transitional coach for light leaders, visionaries and world changers. Anastasia opens with the main challenges she faced on her journey to become a transformational coach. She talks about the pinnacle moment in her life when she knew she had to make her own transition, that point a lot of people hit when they’ve had enough of where they are in their own life. She elaborates on holding on to the wow moments but the importance of needing to live in the moment and allow yourself to grow beyond them. Anastasia emphasizes working with others and connecting with those who can help you through the challenges you can’t do or wouldn’t do as well alone. She touches on leadership vs. Dictatorship and embracing emotions in the workplace. She explains leaders and team players, and the importance of both. Anastasia ends with encouraging the curiosity within yourself about yourself.