Navigating the waters of corporate life through this simple thing we call communication can be very difficult for any leader or human being.  

  • Constantly OVERWHELMED by too many responsibilities.  Not knowing exactly what to say so you don’t upset your boss, a client or an employee.
  • Frustrated you can’t quite seem to get anyone to listen to you even though you believe you have good ideas to help improve working conditions.
  • Aggravated that your job seems to be mostly about fixing problems and putting out fires.  
  • Stressed out over workplace conflict—from conflicting and competing personalities of peers, direct reports, bosses, etc.
  • Poor communication from others which leads to you not trusting your staff to get the job done.

When you hire a Communication and Conflict Resolution Expert, here are some of the benefits you will experience:

– Recognizing conflict and what to do before it escalates, helping to reduce frustration saving 4 hours or more per week on internal struggles

– Interacting in an open environment where people learn how to communicate with other departments increasing overall productivity by 10%

– Leaders increased their confidence, gain respect and buy-in from direct reports and peers with 40% more efficiency than attending a weekend conference.

– Meetings have become more streamlined with knowledge of everyone’s own unique communication style, reducing the length of meetings by 20%.

– Teams look at fires and challenges as an opportunity to make a difference, increasing employee engagement by 15%. 

-One Leader has gained back 3 extra hours each week in her schedule since her team now knows how to best to use their time with her.


Our Programs

Meet Stacie Speaker


Thank you for taking the time to check out my website and to get to know a little bit about me.  After all, if we are going to work together, which I really hope we do, you should know a few facts.

My name is Stacie Speaker, born, raised and still living in California.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Communications from CSU Fullerton, seven years AFTER I started college and only got a BA, not a Ph.D, long story, but if you have the time, I’ll share it with you.  After graduation, I was lucky enough to spend a combination of 20+ years working in Hollywood on television and movie sets and then transitioned into marketing products and kids’ toys for some of the largest companies in the world who specialized in entertainment.

Deep in my heart, I wanted to bring balance and kindness back into the workplace.  I mean, after all, I helped make movies, television shows, and toys, all made with intentions of entertaining, telling stories, giving the audience an experience, lessons in human history and connection, how hard could it be to help companies do this?

Quick tangent and Fun fact – we have a long-standing Speaker family joke my Dad has been telling for years, “I wanted to call you and your sister High Fi and Dolby, but your Mom wouldn’t let me.”  Uh, yeah, thank you, Mom, for putting the brakes on that idea!!  Can you imagine, “Hi, my name is High-Fi Speaker and I am here to talk about communication”, can’t you just hear the laughter?  You’ll understand this in just a minute, hang with me…

Here’s the truth, sometimes you seriously can’t see what is in your blind spot.  Others may tell you, or give you suggestions, but until you figure it out yourself, you really are just fumbling around in the dark.  So I’m sure you have at one point in your life (and if you haven’t don’t worry it’s coming) you have one of those epiphanies or ah-ha moment, which changes the trajectory of your life, well it happened to me.

After being “laid-off due to your position being eliminated due to a restructure” for the very last time (I decided), I found myself trying to figure out the next step in my career.  So you do what any normal, smart, self-starter, depressed person would do, you consult the internet.  You google self-help books, articles, and do what they all tell you to do, figure out your strengths/gifts, what you like to do and do something exciting enough to get you out of bed every morning (other than your favorite cup of coffee). 

I dusted off my old notebook, grabbed a pen and started a list: 

  • Degree in Communications
  • Last name Speaker
  • Connect with anyone, anywhere
  • Podcast host, sharing stories and hosting guests
  • Having fun in the office
  • Help women talk with men and get results
  • Teach men about “women speak”
  • Create a space for people so they are able to figure out their own solutions
  • Help people solve the office drama
  • Help Leaders gain confidence and push past their limitations
  • Making the world a little better and kinder each day

BING – there is was staring at me right in the face… I should be a Communication and Conflict Resolution Expert and Coach.

I went back to school and graduated from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). 

I then launched my own business, Stacie Speaker Coaching, and today we partner with companies to co-create and build cohesive teams, promote dynamic leaders and produce healthy organizations all through our training and coaching programs all with communication and conflict resolution as the foundation.



The benefits I gained from this class was learning who I am as a person first, and then to apply my unique personality into my “presentation style.” Knowing my unique self has helped me to understand how I can deliver my message with more confidence. I learned that the more I practiced presenting, the more I found out which areas I needed to work on (eye contact, not to rush through my presentation, etc). I learned that it is OK to be an introvert and that almost everyone gets nervous presenting.
Presenting is not one of my strongest points as a professional designer, and this class has helped me learn “how to” be a better presenter by providing us with invaluable tips and tools with take away worksheets & class discussions. I would definitely recommend this class to my peers who are afraid of public speaking because Stacie really creates a “safe” environment for everyone in the class. I found this very important because this was the only way I would have come out of my shell!
Olivia Ko – Senior Designer
“Stacie Speaker has a very unique and effective coaching style.  She is smart, motivated and has the right personality to drive your business. She quickly understood my challenges and together we created a solid action plan to move my company forward. Her realistic and easy-to-talk-to approach made her very relatable to the team and the return on investment was invaluable.”
T. Sabba, President of Sabbatoge Strategic L.L.C.
I was facing a difficult contract negotiation and I needed someone who was able to see past the weeds and really help me focus on what I wanted from the new client who was courting me.  During our working sessions I was able to discover what I was worth and the skills I was bringing to this client and I have realized after all these years, I have been underselling my expansive skill set.  I was able to have a powerful, clear and calm conversation with my potential new client and afterwards, not only did he agree to my deal terms, he increased the original length of the contract by 3 months.  I know in my heart of hearts if I hadn’t worked with Stacie, not only would I still be working for peanuts, but I would be conducting business the same way, playing small.  Now I have new tools and a skill set that allows me to own my self-worth.
E. Christenson
“As an external consultant, Stacie has a great collaborative approach that enables her to partner well and in turn creates or adapts her content to meet the needs of customers.
Her sessions are designed around useful content yet it is more her delivery and application that gets results. Stacie is a great presenter, and her fun role-play exercises, case studies reflection and instant action planning that make the sessions interactive, fun and engaging. Feedback from participants include that she is a passionate easy going coach and great to work with”
Moose Toys HR Department